Wind Farms & Desert, Palm Springs | travel

Sometimes, or a lot of the time, the road is one of the most fun parts to every travel adventure. This is never more true than when in the desert.

On our way out of Palm Springs after Coachella, we went on a hunt for one of those long, empty roads, think Britney Spears 'Crossroads'. Well, we didn't find them, in fact we managed to go in a circle for about 40 minutes, but that's part of the fun right? Anyway, we stumbled across another kind of desert playground. These crazy wind farms that cover miles & miles of Californian make me happy though, if we have to make energy somehow, I think this is a great way.

We also found an airstream & some vintage cars which is pretty stereotypical if you ask me too. I'll just have to go back for my Crossroad picture another day!