Pacific Park at Sunset, Santa Monica | travel

Pacific Park at Santa Monica Pier, is one of the most recognisable & cliché spots on the LA coastline, & I absolutely love it. From the views of the beach & the ocean, the tacky bright rides & the range of fairground food *funnel cake & churros thank you very much, it's the perfect all American experience. I think if you're showing someone LA/Santa Monica for the first time, or you just fancy being a big kid for the night, this spot takes some beating, & hey, sometimes you just have to embrace cheesey.

In a jet-lagged haze, we headed out to Pacific Park on our first night in LA, on our recent trip around California. We had a SoCal newbie with us this time, so thought it was the perfect introduction to the trip & as ever it didn't disappoint. Having only been either in full daylight, or late night before, I discovered I has been doing it all wrong, you have to go at sunset. More specifically, you have to go on the iconic Pacific Park Ferris wheel at sunset. If it's the only ticket you buy, the $8 Ferris Wheel ride is always worth it. I've always been in love with California, so feeling like an O.C teen is always a bonus, but really it's about the clunky sound of the wheel going around, the still pacific ocean & the hundreds of people on the beach & the silence that make it unique. Also, a side note is I've never waited in line for more than 10 minutes, a treat for any ride!

After having our fill of the fair & obligatory sunset photoshoot, we walked along the pier, people watching & talking about why we can understand why 3.9 million people decide to call LA their home & ended up at The Albright. The Albright is one of the many food spots to fit any mood on the pier, but I'm going to share a post just on The Albright & some other options around Pacific Park in another post!

Have you been to Santa Monica before? Would you embrace the tourism?