NOBU Malibu, Lunch by the Ocean | travel

On our last day in LA before heading off the Palm Springs we thought we would treat ourselves by heading out to Malibu & having an early lunch at NOBU. I have heard of NOBU & it's amazing reputation for years & have been trying to visit for a while, so when we managed to get a table I was super excited.

We got there about noon so we were lucky enough to grab one of the ocean front tables, I had emailed before our visit to request this, but by about 1 they are all full so I would make a reservation super early to try & snag one as this place is seriously paradise by the ocean & you want to make the most of that. The sunshine, light refreshing spray of the ocean & atmospheric music is something that will take some serious beating in the restaurant department & within minutes I totally got why it has the reputation it has before we'd even sat down.

The menu is Japanese, although at least on the lunch menu there are a lot of fusion options which we went for this time. Most of the menu is also tapas style, so it's the perfect opportunity to try out a few different things between the table. We went for the safe option of edamame & some fusion steak tacos, as well as a wild mushroom soup & Sal got the club sandwich that was definitely the favourite. I'll be honest, the tacos were amazing but tiny so I wish we has ordered more of those, the edamame was of course delicious, however the soup wasn't really my thing. Next time I'm definitely going to go to Sushi, I just had no idea where to start, but I'm ready to try!

Even though NOBU's award winning chefs create lots of amazing food, even if you didn't want to eat here I would say visit & sample some of the amazing cocktails. I had a Mojito & it was probably the best mojito I've ever had. They also have unique cocktails like Lycheé & more & I haven't got a clause to say about the cocktails other than they were delicious & were the perfect excuse to spend more time taking in the sunshine, views & atmosphere.

Location wise, right of the PCH just before Malibu Pier this place cannot be beaten I truly believe, I mean it's the kind of place that just writing this blog post & looking at the pictures make me want to fly back there right now! It has Valet Parking so I would suggest driving as I don't know how public transport is & as it's out of LA a Uber or Taxi will probably take a while, but however you get there, you need to NOBU Malibu in your life!


+ Make reservations!

+ Go early & request an ocean front table

+ Go in the week, it's still busy & full of atmosphere but not jammed

+ Sit outside

+ Try the cocktails

+ Stick around & take in the beach

Have you been to a NOBU before? What Sushi would you recommend?