Mizen Head, Co.Cork, Ireland | travel

Doing a little bit of 'pre-trip' research, before my recent adventure across Ireland, I came across a place called Mizen Head. Although Google was full of stunning pictures, I wasn't sure exactly what Mizen Head was, all I knew was, Pinterest had drawn me in & I wanted to go.

The best part & definitely it's USP is that Mizen Head is the most South Westerly part of Ireland *& Europe. This means, from that point where you can stands, it's only the Atlantic Ocean & maybe a few boats & marine life between you & Newfoundland, Canada. With me recently leaving my best friend in Las Vegas airport for her to move to Canada, this made me very excited as technically this was the closest we had been in 2 months! It's also one of those places, like the Grand Canyon where the comfort of your insignificance of this giant planet is felt, which every once in a while is useful.

To reach Mizen Head, you take a drive through the picturesque villages of Crookhaven & Barleycove before turning down a a little one track road *lets me honest, the majority of roads in beautiful rural Southern Ireland are one track, which you follow until all you are heading for is the ocean. Through a little welcome centre, host to lots of information all about the historical events & general history of the area, you are free to explore the headland. Unfortunately, a lot of safety measures have been taken now, something you don't often see spoiling the headland in Ireland, but you can still enjoy the views beyond this & forcing you to walk to the very end is definitely worth it.

If you're visiting Southern Ireland, I would definitely suggest Mizen Head, the whole coastline is graced with stunning spots & honestly, some are a lot more accessible, but it really is stunning here & you can't say you've been to the most South Westerly point of Europe if you don't visit!

Have you been to Mizen Head? Where is your favourite spot in Ireland?




*Not sure why these photos make me look like a red head. They did however inspire me to chop off about 6 inches.