Driving Malibu to Palm Springs, Tips for the Ride | travel

Once you're in California, you may as well explore as much as you can, & one of the most talked about places, but maybe a little less visited is Palm Springs. The first step is leaving the big city & hitting the road, so here is what you can expect along the way. *I should probably include the pretty vital information that I last did this on Coachella weekend, so my experience may be a little different from normal, but hey it's worth knowing what it's like Coachella weekend/s too right?

We had been in the LA area for a few days, but decided to spend our last morning there in Malibu, so this is where we started from. It was a perfect spot to relax on our last day in LA, but I wouldn't recommend this route, as a planner I don't know what I was thinking as this instantly adds 30 minutes on to what the journey time would have been from Santa Monica. If you're looking to go further down the Southern California Coast, do it before heading inland, setting off anywhere south of Long Beach will cut at least an hour off your journey time, traffic regardless. First of all lets get the facts out of the way:

+ Journey Time - :LA - Palm Springs about 2hr05/ Malibu - Palm Springs 2hr35/ Laguna Beach - Palm Springs 1hr30 *Spoiler Alert, it took us 8 hours

+ Beauty Rating - Obviously this will vary route to route, but I would say 7/10

+ Amenities on route - 10/10 *In-n-Out goodness

+ Sights to see on route - 3/10 *for once it maybe about the destination not the journey

+ Risk of the car overheating in the desert - Low

I think we can almost get too used to beautiful landscapes, but being realistic this route once you're fully out of LA county has it's fair share of beautiful landscapes. It comes with the mandatory side of 50's diners & ghost towns along the way & abandoned graffiti covered trains, something that look surprisingly artistic against a desert landscape, so this is why the beauty got a 7. But in terms of what there actually is on this route in terms of sights, there is the 'worlds largest dinosaur' museum & that's about all I found so that explains the 3 rating, as this if you had the time is a perfect road trip stop, full of cheese & photo ops.