Cycling Down the Ocean, Santa Monica to Marina Del Rey | travel

I'm not a cyclist, in fact I don't think I have been on a bike since last time I was in America and we cycled through San Francisco. However, I still 100% stand by the fact that this is the only way you should explore the LA coastline on your next visit.

I'm going to be honest with you guys, me & a beach cruiser were not instant friends. In 5'1 & have the short girl problems of worrying if I can touch the ground & after a brief moment of skidding off the ocean path into the sand the moment we started, I gathered myself & got going. Now this post isn't about me & the beach cruiser, it's about why in spite of my lack of control on this most recent foray in to cycling I still think it's the best way to see a new place.

On a beautiful sunny day on the beach, there is nothing better than an ocean breeze and you won't get a better feel of this than on a bike, when I lost myself looking out across the huge Californian beach


+ Santa Monica Bike Centre

+ Santa Monica to Venice Beach/Marina Del Rey = 3.5 Miles

+ Allow an hour each way to enjoy stops/photo ops