Boating on the Bay, Blue & Gold Cruise San Francisco | travel

Exploring the Bay Area from the water really is a must when you're in San Francisco. Blue & Gold are just ones of the company's in Fisherman's Wharf offering, tours and cruises for all areas of the Bay, but I have always found them to be a great option. On this trip we invested in the CityPass too which meant our tickets for the bay cruise were included, bonus!

Whether it's for the views of the city, the bridge or they islands hugging the opposite side of the bay, you will discover so much more when you're on the water. If you look into the water you may be able to spot some sea life, but what I always end up thinking about is the crazy stories of people escaping from Alcatraz & wondering how anyone would survive that super choppy, freezing cold Bay. I almost don't want to say this because it's part of the experience of the Bay Cruise, but on your journey out to the Golden Gate you will want to throw on any layer you have, you'll huddle together, risk loosing your sunglasses if you stand up & have to shout above the wind, however the minute you turn around & start heading back to the Wharf it will feel tropical. This is Bay Area weather all over.

On the Blue & Gold cruises, a spoken guide is played as you journey across the Ocean, this is a great way of pointing out spots you may not have noticed, sharing a little history about each area and orientating you along the way. It's really worth listening too because it even include interviews with former Alcatraz inmates.

Along with sea life you may spot the occasional, water sports enthusiast riding the wake of the boat. From land I doubt many people would jump at the chance to dive in, so it's a nice way to see people enjoying this city by the water to it's full potential.

The main attraction, there really is no better way to enjoy the pure beauty of the build of this world famous bridge or take in just how vast it is.

If possible I would suggest an evening cruise as the sun starting to lower on the water makes for an even more beautiful setting.

After the bridge you head for Alcatraz Island, the Bay Cruise is a great way to see Alcatraz up close and learn something new about it without having to dedicate a full day trip to the prison itself.

I have done this cruise quite a few times now and it's still one of my favourite things and exciting every time. And of course, you can't forget the sea lions.


+ Get in line early to get the best pick of the seats

+ Head for the top deck to feel less seasick and get the best views

+ Sit near the front of the boat so you can enjoy the commentary along the way

+ On Saturdays buy tickets before to ensure you get the time you want

+ Pack another layer (or two!)