A Weekend in Bath, Britain's Prettiest City | travel

I am guilty totally guilty for getting lost in how many places far and wide I want to explore, but recently over the last year I have made it my mission to explore more of what is right on my doorstep here in England too. This weekend it was time to explore Bath, although this is kind of cheating because I went for the first time a few weeks ago, it was in the middle of a storm, so all of the exploring was put on hold for take two.

I am lucky enough to have had one of my best friends recently move to the centre of Bath, so my accommodation for the weekend was on the house. However, if you're looking for a full Bath experience and don't know anybody living there, I would definitely recommend The Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa. In fact, I think on my next visit I may have to treat myself to a stay after falling in love with The Royal Crescent this weekend.

After a Saturday of relaxing, catching up and Deliveroo. We decided to get up early to make the most of the city on Sunday. It was also Bath's annual half marathon the #BathHalf on Sunday so the whole town was buzzing. We started at Queen's Square to get a good spot to cheer on the runners, we has two friends running so wanted to give them support along the way, it was also a great excuse to walk around the less explored but just as beautiful part of town away from the river.

I would definitely recommend heading to Bath for the weekend of the #BathHalf, the buzz is amazing, heading down to the wier side of the city, just saw seas of people enjoying the sunshine and soaking up the atmosphere. Down every little street and alley there is a cute traditional pub in Bath, if you're travelling from overseas, you won't get a more traditional experience than 'The Old Green Tree' steeped in anecdotal history if you ask the locals.

We decided to head for a sunny spot on Pulteney Bridge to enjoy the view. We chose 'The Bridge Cafe' and bagged a window seat upstairs. You can't beat some people watching in a new city while enjoying the sunshine and some food. Walking around this town is all you need to do to enjoy it. We spent a few more hours wandering around, before heading up to the big money diamond in Bath's tourism, The Royal Crescent.

When I was younger I used to want to find somewhere that looked like the where 'Madeline' was set, I thought it was the most perfect street ever and The Royal Crescent is it. If you are visiting the UK, I feel like this is how you imagine London will look and for me, it's where I've always dreamt about living. I'm obsessed with this setting, and decided I will 100% live there, so if on your visit you see a tent pitched in the middle of Victoria Park that frames the crescent, just don't mind me! This was where my tour of Bath finished and it was perfect, if you are visiting in Spring/Summer definitely take a picnic up there and enjoy the sunset.

Many thanks to Ocean for making this post possible.

Have you ever been to Bath before? Which is your favourite town/city/place in the UK?