A Night at Griffith Park, a View of LA | travel

In LA there are a million sights & landmarks to visit, so finding one spot that covers a fair few of them all in one go without losing any of the experience is a perfect find! The Griffith Observatory sits on the edge of the Santa Monica mountains in Griffith Park right above Hollywood. You can get your fill of city views, landscape vistas & the money shot, the Hollywood sign, as well as some killer sunsets & star gazing all here at the Observatory.

It took some digging for me to find Griffith Park on a previous trip to LA so on my first visit up to the Observatory I was expecting it just to be us & the views, oh girl I was wrong. Apparently somehow everyone else knows that this is the, place to see Los Angeles & beyond. Not to mention it is also within a beautiful park & is free parking, a very rare find in LA. I'm not saying this to put you off, I mean the pictures speak for themselves, you need to go here, however allow enough time to get situated & then you can enjoy all it has to offer, especially if you want to head up at sunset, make sure you don't miss it!

Once you're there, it really is all about the views. Even with hundreds of people milling around, when you reach the top that all gets lost & a rare peace & quite can be enjoyed above the heart of the city. There is a view from all angles so walk & enjoy all of them, but the money shot really is the top of the actual Griffith Observatory so make sure you go to the top & take it all in. There is also one of the world biggest telescopes if you want to enjoy the sky too, however at peak times there is a line to get into this. If you're looking for a romantic spot in LA this is the place for you too, there was a couple on a picnic date on my latest visit & it looked like the cutest thing ever so just a tip!


+ Park lower on the hill & walk up *If your legs are up to the challenge

+ Head there with an hour before sunset so you can enjoy it

+ In the week it is a lot quieter than weekends but is still going to be busy

+ If you drive to the top, circle the car park & follow someone walking back to their car & ask them for their spot

+ Take food & a blanket & make a night of it

Have you been to Griffith Park before? Where is your favourite view in LA?