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A big part of my childhood was spent in San Francisco, just an hour from world famous Napa Valley, this meant weekend & summer trips that included winery tours & tastings. I always knew it was beautiful, but definitely didn't appreciate how cool it was until I was older, however it must have stuck with me, because it all came back to me the minute we arrived at Chateau Minuty.

Chateau Minuty is a beautiful, modern winery only 15 minutes from the beach in the stunning mountain village of Gassin, near Saint Tropez. You SHOULD approach through palatial gates & down a beautiful vine lined drive, however thanks to Google Maps, our approach was a little more hairy as we were directed through the vineyard/farmland/dirt tracks on a hillside in a Corsa. Shout out to my A-Level French & the kind farmer who helped us out of that one.

There are various options for you to enjoy your visit at Chateau Minuty, a guided tour (cost dependent on group size), a self guided tour that is free, but more restricted & then there is the tasting. If you haven't been to a winery before, it's seriously a special experience, the smells, the peaceful, beautiful surroundings, the contrast of the heat outside & the cold inside I honestly love it & Chateau Minuty's modern design & friendly welcome (including the estate chien) do it perfectly.

This winery & along with the others in this region are smaller than your typical Californian winery, although this may be because we chose the self guided tour so didn't experience the full estate, or because there is less wine tourism here, but I actually kind of liked that. It meant you got a real feel for the family business & got to meet people directly connected to it's story. In the self guided tour you can explore the processing rooms, the grounds & tasting areas. If you're looking to do multiple winery's in a day, or just want a quick experience I would recommend this. If you have never been to a winery before, I would recommend the guided tour.

Unusually, Chateau Minuty specialises in Rosé. I was surprised by this, as although Rosé was 100% my gateway into wine loving, at least in the UK it isn't held with the prestige that seems to match the Chateau Minuty brand. I was wrong, if it's possible for the taste of a wine to be classy, the Rosé et Or is the classiest rosé I've ever tasted. Not even using my usual hyperbole when I say after one sip I wanted to buy a bottle, it made me love my early wine choice once again. We also sampled the other rosés on offer at Chateau Minuty & their reds too.

I can't recommend this place enough for a quick wine tasting tour, so if you're heading to the Saint Tropez region, here is the info you need to know about Chateau Minuty:

Opening times: 09h30 – 12h30 and 14h00 – 19h00
Opening dates: From Monday to Friday. Open Saturdays during the summer.

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