Revolucion De Cuba, An Opening | food

Nottingham's ever growing scene can now add a Cuban Rum and Salsa bar to it's list of cool venues. Revolucion De Cuba, settled into Market St, Nottingham late last year and brought with it something a little different. Not only does the uniquely large venue offer delicious food and drink, there speciality menu brings with it a further taste of Cuba with Salsa dancing too.

We started the night in the 'Rum Club' with a lesson from one of the expert cocktail bar men. I had a go at the 'Jamaicing me Crazy' and it was actually delicious, so definitely recommend that one. I also learnt during the lesson that you can't in fact taste mint at all without smelling it. I know everyone says to hold your nose not to taste things, but a lot break through, this sucker does not, try it.

After enjoying a few more cocktails, it was time for a traditional Cuban ritual of blessing the dance floor. It involved candles being bit, then lighting a Cuban cigar from these, then man blessing the floor then says some words before spraying rum along the door way and lighting this. It marks the official opening of the salsa dance floor and was definitely something fun and different to see.

Following the brief introduction to Salsa, it was time to dive into the delicious menu. We had Paella, Chilli, Salads, Meatballs and more, it was AMAZING! Saying I love to go to restaurants and blog about food, I can sometimes be a little conservative and while the menu isn't out there, I just dove into try it all without question and every dish was just as tasty as the next, in fact writing this is making me excited for/crave another visit just for a meal.

To top off the night, accompanying our food was a latin band taking a Central American on some of the classics, a nice touch that continues to make Revolucion De Cuba a little bit more unique.

Have you done Salsa before? What is your favourite Cuban food?