Oxo Tower Restaurant, A Perfect London Location | food

Eating out or going from drinks in London comes with an absolute plethora of options, but one discovery I made recently is a must visit. It ticks the holy trinity of boxes, views, good food and good atmosphere. Granted I was there at sunset on a beautiful London Saturday, but it appeared half of London also agreed with me.

Situated a five minute walk across Blackfriars Bridge from Blackfriars station along the South Bank is the Oxo Tower. Until this visit I like most people, just saw it as another dot on the Thames landscape, mostly enjoyed when boating past as something that on tourist cruises they love to point out. Well it turns our, Harvey Nichols knew something, and decided to snap up some rooftop, riverside real estate with stunning views to St Paul's and the city.

The Oxo Tower Restaurant is owned by Harvey Nichols, hence the earlier reference, but don't worry there isn't a handbag section or shoe lounge in site. This place it luxury, trendy and most definitely all about being a food and drink destination, not the brand that established it.

There are two options for dining at the Oxo Tower, there is the Restaurant and the Brasserie, as well as the Bar if you just fancy drink. The Restaurant is definitely a more formal affair and the menu and the price reflect this, the Brasserie is definitely perfect for anything from a lunch date to a nice early dinner, this is also where we went. From our experience, both require reservations and a couple of days in advance if you want to get the time you want, I would recommend asking for an outside table when the weather is good and for one by the glass balcony.

Despite being a crazy, crazy busy Saturday night service was good and the food was great too. The menu has a little something for everyone, depending on how much you want to eat too, my favourite course was definitely the dessert so make sure you save room! The real diamond for The Oxo Tower though is that view, the whole place is glass, with amazing rooftop outside space making the most of it. There is a standing only balcony for the bar, but if you want to head just for drinks, I suggest reserving an outside table for that too.

Did you know there was a restaurant at the top of The Oxo Tower? Where is your favourite place to eat in London?